Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Have you ever watched poker on television or in a movie? Most likely, the performers were engaged in a game of no-limit Texas Hold'em poker. It is the most widely played type of poker. The gameplay is simple to grasp. The mystery and thrill of the Texas Hold 'em Poker game is what raises the excitement level. You can try out the Spartan Poker app's free games to experience what we mean. Read more about Texas Hold 'em Poker below.

Objective of Texas Hold em Poker

The objective of Texas Hold ‘em Poker game is to make the best poker hand and win pot money. 

Rules of Texas Holdem Poker

  • Each Texas Holdem Poker player gets two secret cards. These are known as hole cards. Only the individual player can see the hole cards. They are hidden from opponents. 
  • Five common cards are kept on the table. These are known as community cards. Community cards are kept face down on the table. The community cards reveal as the betting round progresses. 
  • Texas hold em poker players can make a poker hand with any cards. The best poker hand wins in the end. 
  • Players bet with poker chips to show the strength of their cards. Poker chips get over upon betting, therefore, players need to bet carefully.

Now that you have worked up an appetite for the game, it's time to understand how to play texas holdem poker. As the popular song goes- “you gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run!”- You need to nail the gameplay if you want to learn how to play texas holdem and make a lot of money in the process.

How to Play Texas Hold ‘em Poker


Blinds are of two types, small blind and big blind. Player left the to dealer puts the small blind. Player left of small blind posts a big blind. The big blind is generally double the value of the small blind. For example, if a small blind is Rs5, the big blind is Rs10. The dealer keeps shifting places, and the blinds positions on the poker table also rotate accordingly.

As per texas holdem rules, after the blinds are placed, the next player in the line will either Call, Raise, Fold, or Call.

Betting Options

  1. While using Texas Holdem strategy, a player will fold if they are truly disappointed in their cards and do not want to lose any money. Players who know how to play texas Holdem poker know the precise moment to fold the cards.
  2. If the player's Texas Holdem poker hand strategy is good, and they are satisfied with the cards they have in the starting hand, the player will raise.
  3. If the player wants to play it safe and not raise nor fold their poker hands, they can call - which is to wager the maximum bet amount that has been placed on the table so far. So, if the highest bet amount was Rs. 10, the player will call and bet the same amount of money.

Further, let’s understand the betting rounds to know how to play texas hold em poker.

Betting Rounds

  1. Pre-Flop: The first of the four betting rounds is called the pre-flop. As per the texas holdem rules, this betting round begins with the player sitting next to the big blind. The betting is done clockwise. The first player has three options: call, raise, or fold. If big blind is Rs 10, call would be Rs 10. Raise would be Rs 20 or more. If the previous player raises, the next texas holdem poker player has the option to call the raise and bet Rs 20 or reraise and bet more money. Fold is not playing the round. 
  2. Flop: Three community cards open in the flop round. The player immediately next to the button places the first bet. The rest of the players have the option to call, raise, fold. Additionally, players can check in the flop, that is choose not to bet if no one else has placed a bet before.
  3. Turn: The fourth community card opens in Turn round. The player immediately next to the button bets first. The rest of the players have the option to call, raise, fold. Additionally, they can check, that is, choose not to bet.
  4. River: The fifth and last card community card opens in the texas holdem River round. The player immediately next to the button bets first. The rest of the players have the option to call, raise, fold. Additionally, they can check, that is, choose not to bet.
  5. Showdown: If there are still players in the game after the River Round, they must show their cards to everyone. The best texas holdem poker hand wins the pot. Check out the poker hand rankings to play a poker game.

Betting Structure in Texas Holdem Poker

Have a look at the betting structures that are used in texas hold ‘em poker. There are three main betting limits. Know these if you are keen on learning how to play texas holdem.

  1. No Limit: As per No Limit Texas Holdem Poker rules, there is no upper limit on how much you can bet or raise. Because the blinds are big, the stakes for a no-limit game are based on how much money you have. Each time a player bets or raises, they must bet or raise at least the amount of the big blind. A player can always bet any amount between the minimum bets and the amount they have at the table at any time.
  2. Pot Limit: The size of the pot limits all bets and raises. In a pot-limit texas holdem game, the blinds are the same amount as in a no-limit game. The restrictions for how much you can bet and raise are the same. The size of the current pot determines the maximum amount you can bet or raise in the pot limit. All bets placed in the current round, as well as the amount required to call a previous bet as per the texas holdem poker rules.
  3. Fixed Limit: You can make bets and raise them at the same amount every time. There are different bet sizes based on the stakes of the texas holdem game. Small and big bet sizes must be the same for the first bet in any round. During a betting round, only three raises are usually allowed. Any raises that don't match the amount of money being bet must also be equal to that amount. Three raises have been made, and now the other poker players can only fold or call if they don't want to play.

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Texas Holdem Poker FAQs

What is poker Texas Holdem?

Texas Hold ‘em is the most popular poker variant.

How do you play Texas Holdem cards?

Players get two private and two common cards to make the best five card poker hand.

Why is Texas Hold'em so popular?

Texas Hold'em is popular because the rules are simple, and everyone can learn them easily but the gameplay is thrilling and exciting.